Udeme Etibensi is an 8 Figure Earner

This is the story of the 34years old lady called Udeme Etibensi. Her story is very inspiring.

5 years ago she was working as a school teacher in a private nursery school in Uyo earning N25,000. She had a toddler, a baby and hubby to feed with just 25k monthly. ( Her hubby just lost his job) She borrowed N32,000 to start up this business and within a few months of doing this business, she left her job to pursue this opportunity called Longrich. With determination and persistence, her story is different today.

She registered her 2 kids and mother as her 3 legs. Her mother just supported her daughter.

Today her mother and children are 6/7 figure earners, proud owners of brand new cars and traveled abroad courtesy Longrich.
For her mother what she earned for years of working as a civil servant cannot be compared to what Longrich has done for her in 5yrs of partnering with the company.

For Udeme, popularly called Demsy
– Within 6 months of partnering with the company, she was awarded a brand new car.
In 2015 she was awarded another car
In 2015 she became a 1-star director with a 25million naira house fund .
Annual salary as a star director.

In 2016 she went home with a Range Rover Vogue and she became a 2-star director. She is currently a 3 Star Director. This is huge accomplishment on the platform.

Her weekly earnings are jaw dropping unbelievable!!!. She has earned in 8 figures a week on this platform. Her kids earn very well weekly too.

The business has taken her to places and opened opportunities for her
She travels first class and business class courtesy Longrich.

Longrich is sure a platform that can take any focused individual from a Nobody to Somebody and can help the rich even become wealthier.

This is the best absolute plan!

Longrich rocks!


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