i Have raised High Ranking/Earning Members

My name is Ahaoma Mbadiwe-Maduforo.

I am a business owner, CEO Hadan Integrated Services. I am a mother to 3 lovely Children, a wife, a brand ambassador with Longrich International.

I partnered with Longrich International in 2016, qualified for my first trip in 6 months, qualified for 2 cars in 2 years, have qualified for countless trips, I am also a Sochoow University scholarship awardee.

I have raised many high ranking leaders in the business and have a team of 10,000 members and counting.
The best part of my journey is the legacy I am building for my kids. My kids are high ranking partners in the business, my husband inclusive. They earn weekly and are trip and car qualifiers. My kids pay their school fees themselves. School fees payment period used to be a period of tension for us but not anymore, my husband never has to worry about school fees again. Longrich has got us covered!

I never liked multi level marketing because I felt it was about selling products. How wrong I was.!
I was blown away by the time I sat down and went through Longrich benefits and how it works and discovered it was not about selling but value creation, educating, raising entrepreneurs and touching lives. It’s a lifestyle.

I am so happy I said yes to Longrich. I have become a better person all round, I have been able to touch many lives positively. My family lives healthy. and happy. We couldn’t have asked for a better lifestyle.
My extended family is not left out too. Everyone is winning.
I can boldly recommend LONGRICH platform to any one who wants a better life and desires to leave a legacy for his/her generations unborn.

Partnering with Longrich and being focused is great gain. I am a witness.

Thank you Longrich!


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