I am very happy to share with you my experience with the Longrich energy shoe. My Son Dominion David-Oba is a 10 years old boy. He has always had very bad Bow leg that made movement difficult for him.
We were concerned and opted for surgery to straighten his legs. The many surgeries didn’t help matters in fact things became complicated. Doctors said because he was overweight it was affecting his knees.
The last surgery made him unable to walk without an aid. He could not move without support or aid like clutches or wheel chair. Trying to walk on his own came with so much pain. This lasted for months. He could not stand on the Assembly ground in school, he could not play like other kids, it was difficult for him and for us emotionally. We also spent so much in the hospitals.

One day a friend of mine approached me and asked me to get LONGRICH ENERGY SHOE, I was hesitant but she insisted that it will do him good. I had to get it. My people in 3 days I began to notice big difference. He could come down from his bed on his own. In 5 days he began to stand and walk without aid and with no pains. I will even ask him direct questions to make him say his leg is paining him but he will say no pain mummy.

One month down the line, my son can stand up for hours without pain. He can walk without aid. His legs are now so strong. He even participated in his school inter house sports. I am so amazed, and I cannot stop thanking the Almighty God who divinely connected me to Longrich through my friend.

I had to partner with Longrich for other amazing benefits because of my son’s testimony. Today I am a stockist with Longrich.

Thank you JESUS for perfectly healing my son’s leg by the use of Longrich Energy Shoe.

Thank you Longrich Energy Shoe for helping my son back on his feet and for bringing joy to my family.

Longrich products sure work.

…Mrs Angela David-Oba.


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