From Full time Housewife to DeMotivator

I am a mother of 4 lovely kids. A Brand Consultant Longrich Biosience international. Event Planner, Food Scientist. Business Coach. You can as well call me Uloma👉🏾 DeMOTIVATOR.*

Prior to this era (Longrich Era), l was a Full time house wife, and part-time Baker, yes l call it part-time cos it rarely comes, even though l am good in my Catering services. But the competition was tough, if you do not have any body in the Political circle, its quite difficult to regularly get orders ( Contracts). So life was difficult for me and my family. Hubby works with an Indian Firm as a Sales Rep, but the salary was nothing to write home about. We survived because he’s​ Multi talented, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to keep his family going, Cab, Painting Job, Electrical engineer, Technical, interior Decorator just name it, apart from “Stealing”.
All these times we do not have “Goals” cos barely survived not to talk of Achieving Goals. Later part of 2016 a Friend of mine Mrs AHAOMA MBADIWE MADUFORO, told me about Longrich, you can guess my answer, l told her No!!!.
She didn’t give up on me,she Persuaded me for several months, the “disturbance” was too much as the case were then, we managed to put together, thirty-three thousand (33,000), of course we had to fast because there was no money to feed. I signed up and went to bed. I didn’t bother to learn, how and what the business was all about. I just slept for a whole year, within this period, She usually encourages me to learn, but no l slept, same period she qualified for her first All Expenses Paid TRIP to China 🇨🇳 2016, few months later another one with constant geometric mouth watering weekly alerts!!!.
Then l told myself l’ve got to do this. I decided to learn and run with the business.
l beckoned on her, and before one could say Jack” she showed up, l did my first Seminar, few months down the line, l moved RANK, D1,👉🏾D2, with the little alerts, l got then my other family members signed up. Hubby joined forces with me and with an amazing team Support from GLOBE TAKERS, we grew up in Ranks. Like joke all outstanding School fees were cleared. Our feeding became stable and better, our joy and happiness, Peace knew no bounds. My personality became “Polished“. I discovered l have so much inside of me, my worth increased, l could add value to someone else. Wow, being in Longrich is much more than WEEKLY ALERTS.Its a platform that helps you to discover who you are.
The big in you UNLEASH.
Longrich ……. better life better future.
Now every one earns including my kids.

I am so happy I said yes and decided to run this business. My family’s life has changed from grass to grace.

Thank you Longrich.

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